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Monday December 21st 12 to 1 PM (CST)

In this master class you will learn how to use skills and tools to overcome the walls you have created in your life. Life is filled with experiences, some good and some bad; and it is what we learn and apply from those experiences that lead us down different paths in our lives.  As one of my coach colleagues once said, there is no failure, only a win or learn.  You will get tools and skills to help you shift your mindset so you can start planning and preparing for your best year.  Do not miss this FREE class!, learn the coaching tools that will empower you and that will create new paths for you.  

In this free master class you will: 

  1. Learn that you have the possibility and capacity to build your future. 
  2. Understand why some ideas become barriers.    
  3. Establish new mindsets to establish your ideas. 
  4. Generate success cycles instead of barriers. 
  5. Interact in a group coaching experience to work your information. 

Find your barriers, change them and work the success cycles that will take you to your goals.

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Coaching with Resilience (Recording)

Join Guila Clara Kessous and Maria Bruederlin to discover how resilience has played a critical role in leadership today.

During our current global environment it has been almost impossible not to be forced to pivot in ways and means never been asked of our leaders ;  some will say we have been forced to journey through uncharted paths; and although many leaders have been trained and prepped for change and transition, it was not the case this time.

It is the leaders that have been able to pull tools from their emotional intelligence toolbox that are stepping up and leading through the challenges we face.  And it is during this critical time that we have seen coaches having to support and lead those leaders from behind to help them think outside of the box, challenge their peers and teams and increase the rate of the development of their teams to meet the needs of the demands of their clients, consumers and community.

This webinar will take you through the importance of one of the most critical emotional intelligence tools in that toolbox : RESILIENCE.  Let’s talk about why resilience is important during times of crisis and how leaning into it will help you step up and lead from the front.

  1. Discover the 3 guiding principles for resilient leadership
  2. Learn about the coefficient of positive resilience
  3. Challenge yourself with the three guiding principles, leadership starts with you.
  4. Engage coaching skills to develop resilience in our leaders.

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Tuesday December 22nd 12 to 1 PM (CST)

One of the most powerful coaching techniques is reframing. A tool that allows you to fill yourself with optimism, hope and mainly learnings when you learn to find the good side of things. Your capacity to create and review reframing will allow you to get the best from every situationgrow your capacity to recover from setbacks and use each experience to learn and to make the adjustments that will take you to the success you are looking for. 

If sometimes you just look at the black side of things and you struggle to recover from some life punches, this class is for you. You will learn coaching techniques and powerful questions that you can apply to your own life experience.  

In this FREE class you will learn: 

  1. What is reframing. 
  2. The powerful questions to create reframing. 
  3. The success analysis technique to create learning. 
  4. The feedforward for successful adjustments. 
  5. Interact in a group coaching experience to work your information. 

Register!, learn coaching techniques that will improve your life achieving more optimism and life learnings. 

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The Benefits of Incorporating Coaching Into Your Life (Recording)

If you have heard the buzzword coaching but you are wondering why it has become so popular?  

What can I get from Coaching? Should I have a Coach? Or better yet, Should I become a Coach? 

You want to attend this master class webinar to understand the specific benefits that coaching will bring to your life. From better listening and relationships, to managing difficult conversations to helping others to be the best they can be; Guillermo will walk you through the personal transformation that coaching creates. 

Come and: 

  1. Watch a live demonstration of coaching. 
  2. Learn the principles behind powerful questions. 
  3. Understand how your mind creates confusion, procrastination and lack of results. 
  4. Learn the coaching principles that will transform your goals, plans and execution. 
  5. Start your personal transformation to change the way you think, talk and act to get results. 

Start creating the life that you want for yourself and the people around you by learning and applying powerful principles and tools to get unstuck and move towards making your dreams come true. 

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Wednesday December 23rd 12 to 1 PM (CST)

Are you tired of trying, procrastinating and not making your dreams a reality? 

Management of one of our most valuable resource (time) is one of the main challenges we have today. We thought that with the changes this year we would have more time, and we have realized that we have less.  

If you are trying to balance work, personal life, and family with your goals and the thousands of pending things you want to do and you are not achieving it, this master class is for you. 

In this FREE class you will: 

  1. Define better your goals and priorities. 
  2. Establish a daily time management system. 
  3. Focus on the important, avoiding procrastination. 
  4. Understand why “time is NOT money”. 
  5. Interact in a group coaching experience to work your own information. 

Don’t wait anymorePrepare to transform your dreams into realities learning and applying tools to get the results you have dreamed about

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The Art of Great Questions (Recording)

A webinar on Questions? 


What’s the defining of skill of the best coaches, leaders, salespeople, teachers, therapists, managers, negotiators and consultants? 

They ask the best questions. 

That allows them to learn the most and help the other person,
(and establish the best relationship). 

Have you ever talked with someone, and really wanted to understand where they were coming from – but couldn’t? 

Tried to find out what they wanted  – but couldn’t? 

Wanted to discover their problem – but couldn’t? 

Good questions are the way.
Great questions are the answer.
This webinar will get you asking great questions 

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