Reframing Remote Working

Remote leadership is not a new thing but working from home, hybrid work and teams combining dierent working environments is still in constant evolution.


Did you know that 1 out of 4 employees are already


preparing to look for a new employment opportunity? And that almost half of the workers globally are


considering leaving their current employers by the end of the year? (1) Did you know that having a bad boss continues to be the number 1 reason why people leave their jobs?


Did you know that having a bad boss continues to be the number 1 reason why people leave their jobs?


What We Have Found Is That Your Leaders Are:

  • fearful of the control they have lost with remote working
  • Feeling disconnected from their teams.
  • Losing engagement with people
  • Not respecting working boundaries for them and others.
  • Suering social deterioration and sense of belonging in their teams.
  • Dealing with “zoom fatigue” and exhausted employees
  • Not sure about how the new working arrangements will work
  • Afraid of the “Great Attrition” and rising turnover losing key people.
  • Feeling near completely burned out.


The mistake they make is thinking that they need to define the new reality when what they need is extreme listening, engagement and enable sharing to co-create new team dynamics.


So that they can restore CONNECTION, TRUST and INSPIRE
and RETAIN people.


THE REMOTE LEADER Program Will Teach Your Leaders How To:


  • Align communications and recover a sense of control.
  • Use rapport, intuition and vulnerability to increase connection.
  • Embrace better communications with non-threatening language.
  • Engage and inspire people to develop themselves.
  • Create social virtual spaces to reignite connection and belonging.
  • Help their team members to create “remote visibility” for their careers.
  • Increase mental and social wellness for them and their teams.
  • Move people from negativity to intentionality.
  • Reframe losses and help teams build resilience.



Source: McKinsey “It’s time for leaders to get real about hybrid” July 2021





Your leaders and their teams will be empowered so they can:

  • 1. Understanding what really happens with remote leadership.
  • 2. Empathy with communication styles and rapport techniques.
  • 3. The use of intuition and vulnerability in the authentic leader.
  • 4. Aligning communications for success.
  • 5. Principles of neuroscience for non-threatening communications.
  • 6. Developing people as a Leader Coach.
  • 7. Creating and using new virtual social spaces.
  • 8. Encouraging and teaching “remote visibility”.
  • 9. Mental techniques for increased resilience.
  • 10. Reframing and learning with improved tasks management.
  • 11. Converting feedback to feedforward.
  • 12. Creating a peer support community.


Your leaders will get:

  • 12 weekly 90-minute learning sessions.
  • Everything DiSC assessment.
  • LIVE online classes.
  • Coachmetrix platform for goals, resources, assignments and pulse feedback from their people.
  • Closed Facebook group for peer support and discussions.
  • Executive Coaching One on One for accelerated development. (Optional)





Reframing Remote Working



Guillermo Mendoza and Maria Bruederlin are experienced executive coaches, professional facilitators, master trainers for the International Coaching Community and the co-founders of Impact Coaching Solutions. Since 2010 they have been accelerating leadership around the globe turning managers into leaders. They work with leaders looking for ways to connect and develop better their teams while having a happy balanced life producing results.


  • Guillermo Mendoza

  • Maria Bruederlin


As master trainers for the ICC International Coaching Community, Guillermo and Maria train, mentor develop and supervise the best executive coaches for your leaders. Their coaching processes include communication and emotional skills assessments and the Coachmetrix platform for follow up and feedforward.


Forward thinking leaders tired of operating without developing their people, who understand it is not only about expertise and knowledge. Team leaders wanting to help their teams grow, connect and perform. Leaders not conforming with performance and going after high performing teams with trust, healthy conict, commitment, accountability and results. Leaders that want to leave a legacy and be recognized for the impact they created in their people.


They oer a unique approach to leadership development by focusing on helping leaders know themselves and getting the INSIGHTS about their communication styles and emotional skills, developing a LEADER COACH approach and getting outstanding results on engagement, teamwork and people development.


They show executives, managers and emerging leaders how to move beyond the lack of condence or frustration of surface leadership to master the tools they need to powerfully connect, engage teams, and inspire their people for top performance.



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