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Guillermo Mendoza Executive Coach Speaker Trainer HR

Guillermo Mendoza

Co-Founder, ICC Trainer, Executive Coach

Guillermo Mendoza is a leadership acceleration expert, speaker, author and executive coach. He is passionate about sharing the tools and experiences that he has helping executive leaders and their teams by creating consciousness, developing leadership and getting results.

Guillermo is dedicated to empowering leaders to do what it takes to grow a successful organization developing talent in people. His authentic style and insight engages audiences to make the necessary changes to create transformations in their organizations and lives.

His concepts on leadership, failures, problems, time, and mindfulness will shake your ideas creating reflection and change with pragmatic concepts to accelerate leadership development.

Guillermo’s career in Microsoft started in sales and he expanded operations opening subsidiaries in Costa Rica, Guatemala and Panama before being named General Manager for the Caribbean and Central America region.

He has taken this one and many lifetime experiences and combined it with neuroscience and emotional intelligence concepts to craft stories, strategies and life lessons that will engage, inspire, inform and influence your success.

Guillermo Mendoza is a certified International Coach, Trainer for the International Coaching Community based in London, a certified practitioner for the Emotional Quotient Inventory (EQi 2.0), EQ 360 and Personalysis Personality Assessment. He is available for global engagements in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Maria Bruederlin Executive Coach Trainer HR

Maria Bruederlin, PCC

Co-Founder, ICC Trainer, Executive Coach

Maria Bruederlin is an experienced trainer and executive coach. Her expertise in coaching, emotional intelligence, diversity and transition will help you: develop self-awareness and emotional skills, change perspectives to overcome challenges and prepare you to lead, grow and develop communities in organizations.

She believes in people, progress and possibilities. She shares her key lessons in marketing, innovative communities and strategic development from nearly 30 years of working in and with global corporations. She spent 20 years in the IT industry holding strategic development positions in marketing. Launching the new TechNet community and developing the Developers Network in Latin America for Microsoft.

Her passion for community, responsive observation, intuitiveness and disarming sense of humor has helped her move through life; the lessons from those journeys are the gems and treasures she brings to help organizations when teaching skills to bring a positive shift in the personal and professional lives of women and men.

Maria Bruederlin is a certified International Coach and Trainer for the International Coaching Community based in London, a certified practitioner for the Emotional Quotient Inventory (EQi 2.0), EQ 360 and Personalysis Personality Assessment. Fully bilingual and with a broad knowledge of cultural diversity she is available for global engagements in English and Spanish.

Our Faculty

Pat White - Nashville, TN Faculty.

Pat White, MCC

Nashville, TN Faculty.

Pat White is a recognized expert in developing individuals and teams who want to achieve exceptional results. She is known for helping people “crack the code for success,”no matter what their position. Pat holds the designation of Master Certified Coach – a certification held by fewer than 900 coaches worldwide. Her professional education includes courses in counseling at the Master level, as well as a Master’s degree in Organization Development. Most of her graduate and post-graduate work has been done at Columbia University in NYC and the Wharton School of Business.

For the past 22 years, Pat has managed her own leadership development firm – The Spectrum Group – taking what she learned while in corporations and making a difference in many more through her role as an executive coach. Some of her clients include ADP, Inc., Cat Financial, Regional Care Hospital Partners, Willis,Inc, Nissan, Vanderbilt, and RCA/BMG. When working within organizations, she chooses to work as an executive coach with leaders and their teams so that they can transform their lives and the lives they touch.

A dedicated volunteer throughout her life, Pat has also led several Non-Profit Boardsboth here in TN and in NJ since she understands how to work with change in organizations. She has served on the AST Board in several roles, including President, started the OD SIG and is founder of ICF – TN. Recipient of several professional awards, she is on our faculty helping us develop professional coaches in the Nashville area and helping our graduates to obtain an ICF credential with group and individual mentoring.

Alina Borbón

Alina Borbón

ICC Trainer & Coach

Alina Borbón has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Master’s degree in Education, with an emphasis on Counseling. She received her certification as an International Coach from the ICC in Miami and proceeded to be certified as an ICC Trainer by the ICC co-founder, Andrea Lages, in São Paulo, Brazil.

Life has taught Alina that human beings have a choice in how they face the daily difficult moments in life. Her sense of inner peace and optimistic attitude perfectly complement each other to create an environment of trust and respect, in which her clients can reach their personal goals.

Her experience as the mother of a blended family and her academic training led her to discover that individual differences can complement and create new communication channels, to achieve stable and long-term relationships. From this point of view, Alina offers her clients a rich space of possibilities, where learning is enhanced and self-fulfillment is easier to visualize.

Alina’s passion for education has also given her the opportunity of working with young adults, who are in the process of choosing their professional careers, or contemplating new career paths.

She offers them support during their journeys of self-discovery and redefining their goals.

She’s a part of the Impact Coaching Solutions team, and together with trainers Guillermo Mendoza and Maria Bruederlin, produced the first ever “Coaching Without Barriers” workshop for the deaf and hearing impaired community. Alina’s passion is to always take coaching to new and exciting frontiers.

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