ICS Speaking

We have impactful engaging presentations to shake some important concepts in the minds of your event attendees and create reflection and a real transformation adopting new ideas about leadership, how their mind works, and how to be more successful.

Our presentations are delivered in English, Spanish or Portuguese; they are pragmatic and thought provoking. They include applicable concepts and immediate action that will inspire and ignite transformation.


Guillermo Mendoza is a leadership acceleration expert, speaker, author and executive coach. He is passionate about sharing the tools and experiences that he has helping executive leaders and their teams by creating consciousness, developing leadership and getting results.

Guillermo is dedicated to empowering leaders to do what it takes to grow a successful organization developing talent in people. His authentic style and insight engages audiences to make the necessary changes to create transformations in their organizations and lives.

His career in Microsoft started in sales and he expanded operations opening subsidiaries in Costa Rica, Guatemala and Panama before being named General Manager for the Caribbean and Central America region.

Guillermo has taken this one of a lifetime experience and combined it with neuroscience and emotional intelligence concepts to craft stories,strategies and life lessons that will engage, inspire, inform and influence your success.

People hire him for his experience, pay him for his messages and trust him for the transformation they create with a great delivery.

There is more of the story if you would like to hear more of Guillermo give him a call.