Transforming Dreams into Reality


Time Management is not enough.

Today executives and people at their jobs are overwhelmed with opportunities, what we can achieve is limitless; in any work a universe of possibilities to develop as professionals and to provide big contributions to our organizations is tremendous. If we add to that how the availability and speed of information through technology has increased all the way to invasive, we have a formula for non-execution, low performance and slow results, not enough time. Only through a good understanding of concepts, techniques and the use of tools can we take a step back before trying to manage time and define PRIORITIES, clear GOALS and PLANS and then use those techniques to break bad execution habits, create good
ones and perform at a much better level. This for any person and any
organization means SUCCESSFUL RESULTS.

This program makes you understand the importance of priorities and core beliefs behind their goals. Helps you create better realistic plans that transform a dream to a reality. You will learn how to get results by focusing in a disciplined way to priorities that will give the highest impact to your work results and life results. “Time is money”, is an analogy both true and false, time is a resource, is limited and is valuable; but time is also very different from money, it is non-transferable, not able to be saved for later and not always quantifiable. A deep but simple understanding
of this will change the way people works and will create more balanced
rewarding lives.

By the end of the program the participants will be able to:

 Learning Objectives: