Insights Connections and Solutions Model


A Leadership workshop IS NOT a Leadership Development Program

If your organization is developing your leaders with only classes, you are not accelerating their development.

Impact Coaching Solutions has created a leadership acceleration model for high potentials and upper management that will create leaders by having your people Stop Managing and Start Leading.

Our Insights, Connections and Solutions model is the conceptual model from where we build the best leadership.



Our comprehensive and effective Leadership Development Programs include the following components:

Leaders will improve by knowing themselves better and understandingwhere they are. We use Emotional Intelligence and personality assessments in a variety of reports (Leadership version, Team version and 360 version).

Leadership Training
We span our leadership workshops throughout 6 months with 6 key leadership topics. These are the most important concepts in leadership development. We can customize some modules based on your specific leadership learning gaps and needs in terms of content and length.

Executive Coaching. One of the most important components is to have a coach or group of coaches to work with your potential leaders in a one on one basis to create an individual development plan and hold them accountable to improve during the program.

Internal Mentors. We help you structure a mentoring program where your top leaders in the organizations serve as mentors for the new talent with one on one meetings every month. It is a win-win, the emerging leaders get visibility and advice as the top leaders identify talent and organizational issues.

Mastermind Groups. We close our programs with a training that allow leaders to create, organize and operate mastermind groups for success. This is the component that ensures the continuity of your leadership development program by providing a permanent peer leaders network where everyone helps and is helped to tackle organizational and personal development challenges.

Insights Connections and Solutions teaches high potentials about knowing themselves better, identifying their limiting beliefs, connecting with peers, subordinates and top management better and delivering results by having a different approach to failure and problems.