How to get insight from a 10 minute dump

Excuse the title but I couldn’t help myself, I thought getting you to smile a little is good for the soul. I know the title I chose could be interpreted many ways. In this particular case I want to share an activity that can be helpful in generating ideas, sharing thoughts, working out problems, looking at different perspectives, even releasing negative energy. I learned this technique from my coach trainer during my coach certification program, and sad to say, he had to remind me to put it into practice again. I seem to have forgotten the power and relief it can provide.

I am talking about ten-minutes a day, a ten-minute brain dump on paper. Literally taking ten minutes to write down ideas, thoughts, feelings, or simple words can work magic. It is not necessary to be perfect, it does not need to be meaningful, grammatically correct, or even make sense – it’s about letting your thoughts roll onto the paper. Think and ink is the way to go with this exercise. Notice I use the word “ink” in the exercise. Using your hand to write will directly connect your brain and your paper, it makes a difference. The computer can be efficient, but in this particular case we are looking for quality time not necessarily efficiency. Preferably in the morning, before the day starts taking off, if not in the evening as you’re wrapping up the day works to quiet your mind before going to bed.Buy yourself a special notebook. Choose a time in the morning or evening that better works into your schedule. In my case, I prefer mornings, my husband has chosen evenings. It’s about you so make it a moment you have to yourself. Begin writing daily for ten-minutes. Set a timer if necessary. Make this a habit. Do this every day, after three months you will notice a difference. The few minutes you are spending writing will clear your mind and lead to new insights.

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