ICS Personalysis

“The Challenge: People are complex, adaptive, and each person has a personality – their own unique wiring pattern that makes them who they are. And they don’t come with instructions.Personalysis changes that.”

What is Personalysis?

Personalysis is a personality assessment that provides insights into how people communicate, make decisions, process information, and do their best work. It is a simple, 15-20 minute online questionnaire that generates a Personalysis Profile and ColorGraph, an at-a-glance graphical display of your unique personality. It provides a framework to help you better understand your natural strengths, learn to better relate to others who have different strengths, and increase your personal effectiveness on and off the job.

Teams also have a “personality” dominant tendency and default ways of thinking, communicating and taking action. Using each team member’s individual results, Personalysis generates a Team Profile and Colorgraph that reveals the natural dynamics of a team’s communication, areas of strengths, and challenges that might prevent the team from collaborating most effectively.

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