Cheer up, what gives us joy?

Often situations in life can undermine our confidence, frustrate us and feel like obstacles that are difficult to overcome. Our morale decreases; the energy, excitement and passion we put into a new activity or enterprise is affected and replaced by a concern for failure, by a shadow, that continues putting us down and lowers our performance and our rhythm. We lose that spark that we envy in all of those who are excited to start something with a passion for success.

The mood is described in contrast to the emotions that are more fleeting, as a more durable emotion. A state that can be good or bad and that it has been linked to the relationship between energy and stress. The worst mood is when the person is low in energy, and high in stress (tired-stressed) and the best mood is when there is a high energy and low stress (energized-calmed).

In this occasion I want to give you some tips to help you regain that confidence and energy, looking for the optimal state of your mood, for which we have to get rid of stress and restore calm and to get rid of fatigue and recover energy.

Points to ponder to restore calm:

  1. Meditate! Learn to slow down the rhythm of your ideas in the mind and to settle your attention only on your breathing, relax your body and your mind. This brings peace and calm to your being. Give yourself the luxury of the gift of at least 30 minutes daily to relax your mind; you will gain far more than the half-hour you think you “lose.”
  2. Remember we do not need much to be happy, just a place to sleep, food on our table and clothes to put on; all the rest are self-demands that we can get but have no consequence if they don’t come or come later. What is important is our decision to be happy with what we have at this moment.
  3. The only thing permanent is change, and that includes that even the worst of storms and the biggest obstacle will pass, everything changes, and everything ends do not despair.
  4. Enjoy the good things that even with your problems or not they happen every day: the love of your loved ones, the smile of children, the wonders of nature, and the functioning of the wonder that is your body. That wonder despite all, allows you to be here and now.
  5. Realize that all the consequences that concern you in your situation may or may not happen. The future is only a possibility, nothing definite, no situation is completely defined until the last moment, so calm down knowing that the end result is not yet defined.

Points to consider for energy recovery:

  1. Things do not improve while you worry about them. Better get occupied! Get pre-occupied is to address something before it happens which is impossible by definition. Better get busy and addresses what happens in your present to create a better future.
  2. Remember that your abilities and skills acquired do not depend on difficulties and obstacles. They are there for you, they are only tested, and you can achieve what you set out with them.
  3. If this were the last day of your life, how would you like to live it? Defeated? Or fighting until the last moment, “dying on the line”? Give all your energy today, and do not worry about tomorrow.
  4. Think about the urgency to achieve success, to solve the problem, to remove the obstacle so that everything is better, this sense of urgency will give you energy for another push.
  5. All results are consequences of certain causes, the law of cause and effect always begins with the causes. Focus on generating the appropriate causes for a better future, imagine the successful outcome and its benefits to gain more energy.

More peace in your mind and more energy in your actions, this is what gives you the positive mood needed to achieve the goals. Just like the Japanese Zen monk founder of Reiki Mikao Usui said, “Just for today I will not worry, just for today I will not become angry, just for today I will be grateful, just for today I will be loving, just for today I will work hard!” One day at a time. Repeat it and do it!

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