Getting rid of your worst enemy

I have heard the expression “I am my worst enemy”. And when we think about all the ways we can sabotage ourselves, procrastinate actions, diminish our successes and in general belittling ourselves affects us; we cannot just only make sense of the expression, but also realize that our mind is a powerful enemy with and incredible array of strategies to be our worst enemy.

I want to disrupt your mind by bringing a new idea to win the battles with that enemy. The idea that this enemy is just following your own instructions. Our mind becomes our worst enemy when we are feeding the “wrong intelligence”. When the right intelligence is being fed then instead of being our worst enemy it becomes our greatest ally.

My theory is that our brain in its never-ending protection mode is always making sure that whatever happens “outside” in the real world matches the universe of ideas that we have in our mind. If there is not a match, then that means danger or risk for you and then the brain works to eliminate the mismatch by helping you create the reality that you are thinking.

The law of attraction became a popular and known thing, and many authors have focused on the idea of thinking positive to create positive realities. But I believed the idea of stop thinking negative or the wrong intelligence being fed to your brain has been less of a focus. We are not realizing that before the positive thinking for positive realities we really need to stop the incorrect thinking of assumptions that is creating an “alignment response” in our brain to create the things that we don’t want but that we accept.

Let me give you an example. After a call with a potential client where this client decides not to buy, and even if I check the reasons for not to buy. I can move on, or I can dwell on some assumptions that I don’t like but I accept as valid or with a high probability to be true. Like thinking “this service is never going to sell” or “my services are not attractive for the market” or “this business is not going to take off”. All those ideas are a function of our brains protecting us from another failure, because since we have established that we like success and we want to avoid failure, then our brain will follow the instructions and will create those ideas to protect us from another failure. What we don’t realize is that most of the time those assumptions are incorrect and they are only creating my worst enemy because for the brain this “wrong intelligence” are specific instructions.

The brain obeys: “The service was going to sell but since you said it won’t let me align the reality to match your assumption”. Pam! Now is never going to sell. “Your services are attractive for the market, but since you said they are not, let me align the reality to match your assumption”. Pam! Your services are not attractive. “The business was taking off, but since you think is not going to do it, then let me align the reality to match your assumption”. “Pam! it is not going to take off”.

Unconsciously we are directing all and every one of my worst enemy strategies by feeding the “wrong intelligence”. Stop recruiting your brain to create the realities that you don’t like and stop the assumptions. Think, meditate, visualize, pray, whatever technique you use to embrace the law of attraction that your reality is whatever it has to be, that it will become what you want and that it is the only “intelligence” your brain should receive from you. Because by the same process our brain will become our best ally to align realities and make them happen as we REALLY BELIEVE in them.

Next time you think a negative assumption or idea, remember, someone is listening. That  someone is extremely obedient and powerful, and it will make that happen to protect you and keep mind and reality aligned. Worst enemy? Or Best ally? You decide.

November 14, 2023
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