The Power of Connection

We all know that loneliness is not a nice thing. When we are lonely and we have that feeling of not being connected, negative emotions easily arise and can even hold us to the degree of feeling depressed or completely demotivated. But are we reaching out?

As human beings part of our nature is a common need for connection, it does not have to be a deep heart to heart connection, just smiling to each other acknowledging that we have seen each other when crossing pathways is enough to cause a chemical reaction of pleasure and connection in our brain. I once heard that one of the reasons homeless people may go mad is because for different reasons most people avoid eye contact with them, they are purposely ignored many times during the day, and when hundreds of people do that to you, I guess you brain finally settles on the idea that you are invisible, completely disconnected from reality and it shortcuts to craziness.

The important aspect of connections for you, is that they have been clearly identified as the support system or even the acceleration to your goals. When you connect with people and you share not only your dreams but your specific goals to achieve those dreams and you make sure friends and family know what you have set yourself to achieve this year, you are creating an army of what is called “accountability partners.” Some of the people you shared them with, will ask from time to time how you are doing or they will be curious to know about your progress.

But also, by sharing your destination with your friends you are also opening yourself to be helped. Because in your network someone may know someone that has already successfully accomplished what you are trying to do, or has a helpful resource, or knows someone that knows someone that can help you.

Finally, it is also proven that when you reach that destination and achieve your goal, all those aware of it will join you in celebrating the success and people will be happy, proud and even inspired. This in turn refuels your energy to continue moving on to the next milestone or goal.

In today’s digital world you have hundreds or thousands of connections, but you don’t really manage them in the best way, which to me would be:

  1. Identifying who is in your team. I mean who are the real meaningful friendships and people that genuinely cared about staying connected with you and sharing life’s moments.
  2. Dust off the connection. Send an email, make a phone call, pay a visit and reconnect with people who are in your network but you have not contacted in years. See who reciprocates and reaches back showing you an interest.
  3. Make one of your habits to stay connected. If necessary, set reminders on your calendar and make sure that you don’t let the key relationships gain dust again.

Then the next best thing that you can do is to be intentional on how you manage your meaningful connections and do these 3 things:

  1. Create accountability partnerships. When sharing your goals expressly request people check on you, ask them to ask you how you are doing periodically on your work towards that goal.
  2. Ask for help. When sharing your goals be clear about what the tool, book, training, contact, or push is that you are missing and ask if they know how to get it or know someone that could help.
  3. Share the advance and results. Make sure you let those aware of your goal know when you are reaching milestones or achieving the goal, if they helped you they will feel great when you expressed your gratitude, and also by joining you in your happiness and celebration both sides will benefit.

If you are in my network, feel free to reach out, tell me about your goals and how I can help.

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